6 Tips for Managing Data Before an Emergency Strikes

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6 Tips for Managing Data Before an Emergency Strikes

Think about planning for a natural disaster emergency that might affect your home. You'd likely store some water, flashlights, food, blankets and other essentials. The key element of your planning would be proactivity. You'd do all of the work before an emergency occurred, not during the actual crisis. If your supplies were used up after the emergency passed, then you quickly would restock before the next flood, fire, landslide, hurricane or lightning strike.

Protecting data requires a similar approach: putting in place as many safeguards as you can before anything bad happens.

Natural or man-made disasters are a significant risk to data, especially when they strike companies that are ill-prepared. When a company is data-centric (most 21st Century businesses are), then complete data loss often destroys the entire business.

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