AMP: The missing controversy

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AMP The missing controversy

How Google cheats with performance

AMP, Accelerated Mobile Pages, is a technology first launched in 2015 by Google. The main goal of the initiative is to drastically speed up the loading of web pages on mobile. Sorely needed, as the typical web page on slow 3G (a very typical network condition the world over) takes a long time to load.

So the goal in itself seems worthy. Yet the initiative has been met with lots of controversy over the years. I’m going to go briefly over these main points of controversy.

The main goal of this article though is to add a new point of controversy, one hardly discussed. The reason why AMP has instant performance.

First, let’s look at the other points of controversy.

Controversy #1: a new web “standard”

AMP has been created completely outside of W3C and WHATWG, the main standard bodies for the web. Standard bodies in which Google has a large, if not dominant presence.

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