How to Get Backlinks: 7 Tactics That Don’t Require New Content

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Link building isn’t rocket science. There’s no secret club where only an elite few get taught how to build links. Anyone can do it.

The fundamental process is as follows:

  1. Create something worthy of a link.
  2. Find people who might be interested in linking to you.
  3. Persuade those people to do precisely that.

The problem? Step #1 takes a lot of time, and skill, and knowledge of your industry.

But here’s the thing:

Most businesses, products, and services are already worthy of links.

You don’t have to spend countless hours creating an all‐singing‐all‐dancing interactive infographic to get backlinks. You can build links using what you already have on your website and speed up the process—dramatically.

Want proof? Here’s a link we got to without creating any new content.

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