‘Still in its infancy’: Retailers are still struggling to nail Amazon’s ad offerings

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Retailers are still struggling to nail Amazons ad offerings

Amazon is no longer an emerging ad platform. It has arrived as the third leg of the triopoly.

But beneath the big growth numbers — Amazon is forecast by eMarketer to top $4.6 billion in U.S. advertising this year — Amazon has an issue: The thousands of small retailers dependent on its platform find Amazon’s byzantine and overlapping advertising programs difficult to navigate.

In fact, many are turning to specialist providers to help — a sign that Amazon has not yet cracked the self-service ad systems that powered the rise of Google and Facebook.

Amazon has three core ad offerings: sponsored products, sponsored brands and stores. Of the trio, stores, or a custom page to house all of a retailer’s products, are the only free offering. The other two come at a cost, one influenced by scale any by time.

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